JGC Code Club Ticket
JGC Code Club Ticket
JGC Code Club Ticket
Why video games are good for learning

Max Brooks on Minecraft and Why Computer Games are Good for Children's Learning

Over the past few years we have seen breakthroughs in confidence,…
JGC Code Club Ticket
Big Thumbs Up from our Junior Game Creators

What are good projects to introduce game design and help kids learn code?

Love this question from a parent looking to help kids learn code.…
Team programming is fun.
Computational Thinking

Computational Thinking

There is a new term being banded around since the new computing…
Girls Code with Junior Game Creators

Girls Who "Create" Choose STEM

Girls Who “Create” Choose STEM The shortage of women pursuing…
Soho Create and Junior Game Creators

Celebrating the Creative Arts with Junior Game Creators

Junior Game Creators recently ran a series of workshops as part…