Game changing EdTech franchise opportunity.

Junior Game Creators is a family of fun, educational clubs, workshops and kids parties designed to kickstart children’s interest in computer science through their interest in video games. We excel at making Tech FUN for primary school children. If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity where you control the earning potential, have flexible hours and is Super FUN, then we should talk.

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You’ve impressed a lot of kids and also a lot of teachers and a lot of my facilitators.
Junior Game Creators is BIG on passion, BIG on doing things right and
BIG on making it practical and above all else FUN.

Keith Warrren - The Big Picture Summer SchoolsCEO

Many thanks for making our ICT club super special. None of the kids wanted it to end. You have provided a reliable, sustainable and valued club for our school and the feedback has been nothing short of sensational.

Sarah van ZylHead of ICT

Junior Game Creators is everything that we want from such an important after school activity.
The kids love it and I know the parents really appreciate how much their children enjoy it.
Looking forward to more next term.

Robert EarreyHead Teacher

Is your area available?

With Junior Game Creators you will never be on your own.

As a new franchisee, you need to know the training and support that you will receive is excellent. Training, is what we do the best, and you can expect it to be fun and focused. We leave no stone unturned and ensure that you are filled with confidence to represent Junior Game Creators to teachers, parents and the kids. You will deliver amazing sessions that inspire, excite and educate.

Your support does not stop at your initial training. We provide regular master classes, webinars, annual meetings, and dedicated phone and email support.

We provide you with an actionable marketing plan that will explode the growth of your franchise no matter when in the year you start. We have a talented team that can guide you on the implementation of new marketing, recruitment, management, training and sometimes just a sounding board to bounce ideas off.

What Can You Earn?

Becoming the master of your own destiny is one of the reasons to tread the path of an entrepreneur. Once you become a part of the Junior Game Creator network, what you earn depends on your own goals, energy and passion for what we do.

The earning potential is superb, but the one thing that determines how much YOU can earn is the amount of effective time, commitment, dedication and determination you put into your exclusive territory.

Being in business for yourself can be a challenge but you are not on your own. Put in the effort, love what you do and spread the word and the rewards will come in terms of personal and professional satisfaction, oh yes and profit!

Book a discovery meeting today.

If you’re interested in becoming a Junior Game Creator business owner, with flexible hours, high potential earnings and you’d like more information then we should meet for a personal and confidential discovery meeting.

Our meetings are specifically one to one. Starting your own business is very important and personal. We make sure you are comfortable asking any questions and also ensuring that we are able to get to know you, your dreams and fears in an open and transparent manner.

During this meeting we will explore everything you need to know about how to run the Junior Game Creator computer science franchise within your exclusive territory. When you leave us after this meeting we will both be in a position to know, for certain, whether Junior Game Creators is the right opportunity for you.

Users Vs Creators

Kids are constantly using technology today, but how many are learning to create it?

Every primary student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. The recent changes in the national curriculum have recognised the need and ability for children to start early.

The basics of coding help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills, and prepare students for a wide variety of future careers.

More Than Just Code

Junior Game Creators is more than just about code. Each session is a super fun group learning experience.

Everyone works towards a common goal, in teams, on challenges that will stretch their creativity in art, design, maths, problem solving, team work and communication.

In the same way that learning to read enables learning, learning the process that leads to code opens up a world of exploration and opportunity.

Guided Discovery

Learning computer science helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity.

Starting early gives students a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path and makes the transition to secondary school less intimidating.

By using games as a focus even the most difficult concepts are no longer barriers but simply a way to a desired result.

Junior Game Creator

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