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Play to Learn – Scratch 3.0

Welcome Junior Game Creator!Awesome Code Projects for Kids

Our projects are all about STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) powered fun!

Our objective over the next 12 months is to bring you a series of super cool computer science projects. All based around fun activities and games that you can do together as a family. Our team have always enjoyed learning new things when it is fun. We hope you do too.

One of the biggest obstacles to learning code and computer science is the feeling of frustration when you get stuck. By the way, you will get stuck and it is quite normal. Do not PANIC! We are here to help.

Every month a new set of projects will become active ready for you to explore.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing some of your games, projects and creations.

May the force be with you young Padawan.

Junior Game Creator

Getting Started

ScratchYour objective here is to get you signed up with Scratch and to get you familiar with the process of opening and remixing projects.

Creating Your Scratch Account: Makes sure you have a Scratch account, can login and find projects to explore. If you do not have a scratch account then you may need a grown up to use their e-mail address through the set up process.

How it works: Take a look at how to access a course, open a blank game project in Scratch and start coding.

Virtual Training: Join a Virtual Classroom and see a game being made live. Then it’s over to you to make the same game.

Virtual Training

Have a go at one of our Virtual lessons using our exclusive worksheets in collaboration with Zoom. Watch our gaming gurus work their magic, live!

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How it works

See how it works with this short video guide showing how to access a course and the steps needed to progress through a lesson.

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Play to Learn – Game Recipes

Scratch 3.0 – Food Ninja

Learn how to move an object with the mouse and use the if/else block to change costumes. Slice the food in half before they hit the ground to score. Bombs don't like to be sliced!

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Scratch 3.0 – Save our Oceans

Learn how to give a Sprite constant movement as you direct and control an eco-friendly Starfish. Avoid the poisonous clones and save as many of your shrimpy friends as possible.

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Scratch 3.0 – Star Wars Asteroids

Learn how to make an explosion effect as you take control of the Millennium Falcon. Steer your way through the asteroid field for as long as you can. Watch out for the smaller ones

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Scratch 3.0 – Whack-A-Mole

Learn about mouse input and costume control in this fast paced funfair favourite. Create a score variable to keep count of the moles sent back down their holes.

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Scratch 3.0 – Maze Escape

Learn about colour detection and costume changes as you help Red Square Guy get home for his tea. Be on the lookout for switches to access locked areas. Oh, and don't touch the walls!

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Scratch 3.0 – Brick Breaker

Learn how to make the ball bounce off of the bricks using the sensing and motion blocks. Direct the ball to break your way out of each level in this timeless classic.

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Scratch 3.0 – Space Shooter

Learn about adding broadcasts to control your games flow in this Space Shooter game. You play as a Space Cadet undertaking target practice. Can you get as high a score as possible to become Top Gun!

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Scratch 3.0 – Shark Bait

Learn about 8 Directional movement as you take control of a very hungry shark. With the use of clones, you will also learn how to create (and destroy) clones at random positions and times.

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Scratch 3.0 – Oh no, me Taco!

Learn how to switch backdrops as you chase the parrot to his hideout. Retrieve your Taco by navigating through the maze using colour sensing. Reach the Taco first to win the game.

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