Girls Code with Junior Game Creators

Girls Who “Create” Choose STEM

Girls Who “Create” Choose STEM

The shortage of women pursuing careers in computer science and engineering is a hot topic these days. Fortunately, the future for the next generation of girls is looking bright, according to a new study by Intel. Their research finds that “girls that make, design and create things using technology develop a stronger interest and greater skills in STEM.”

The popularity of “DIY” and the Maker Movement is creating a generation of girls and women who show just as much interest as boys in making, inventing, and solving problems through technology. According to Intel, 1 in 4 teens and tweens (8-12) have already made things with technology and 7 in 10 are interested in learning to make their own software like games & apps.

The key to getting more girls interested in Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) is to encourage and expose them to making projects with technology. Whether it be through designing, building, coding, or the arts, creating provides them with a pathway to learn and explore new ideas and technologies.

Video games is where code meets the creative arts and appeals to girls and boys equally. Inspiring them to develop projects with characters, stories, animations, music and special effects.

Girls Become Digital Makers with Junior Game Creators

Junior Game Creators is a popular family orientated series of workshops that appeals to girls because of its fun approach, as well as the variety of projects we use to inspire their broad and creative interests. Girls have created hundreds of Junior Game Creator games. The blend of creativity and code that goes into game making really appeals to children’s imagination and interests.

Unlike text based coding languages, with Scratch (and later in their development Construct) you don’t have to memorise lines of code and tricky syntax. You just click the logical blocks together. Yet you can still create very impressive and powerful projects.

We’re on a Mission to Inspire More Digital Makers

Girls use technology more than ever. In fact in a recent survey (by UKie) more Girls play video games on their phones than boys. It’s time for more of them to create it, too.

It’s easy to become a “creator” with code. How do we get more kids (and girls) started? By making it fun!
Let’s inspire more young “makers” to create with code and get more girls (and boys!) to choose STEM!