What is Junior Game Creators?

Junior Game Creators (powered by Gamewagon) is for kids who want to look a little deeper at the games they play at home.

Over the course of our sessions we’ll learn about and play some of the most popular games around like Minecraft, FIFA and Mario Bros. before handing over the creation tools to our gamers. We task our Junior Game Creators with designing their own versions of these amazing games in Scratch, the programming software that is now part of the national computing curriculum.

All delivered by our inspirational Game Experience Managers that deliver our video game experiences in our fleet of game wagon’s across the UK.

Holiday Workshops powered by Gamewagon

Gamewagon is always hard at work planning our next Junior Game Creators workshops. If you can’t wait to get your kids creating, get in touch and we can bring a workshop to you! Our games wagon create the perfect mobile class room. Below are the workshops we have scheduled to take place in the upcoming school holiday.

Timing: Each Workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm with an hour for lunch.
What to bring? All the kids need to bring is their creativity and a packed lunch.
What do they do? These sessions are not just about code. By learning how to create games we aim to boosts the skills like literacy, numeracy, creativity, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, communication, perseverance, the ability to work together towards a goal.
Who’s in charge? Each session is managed by qualified, DBS checked and inspiring Game Experience Managers.

More than just code

Users Vs Creators
Kids are constantly using technology today, but how many are learning to create it?

Every primary student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. The recent changes in the national curriculum have recognised the need and ability for children to start early. The basics of coding help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills, and prepare students for a wide variety of future careers.

Game Based Learning

Junior Game Creators is more than just about code. Each session is a super fun group learning experience.Everyone works towards a common goal, in teams, on challenges that will stretch their creativity in art, design, maths, problem solving, team work and communication. In the same way that learning to read enables learning, learning to code opens up a world of exploration and opportunity.

Guided Discovery
Learning computer science helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. Starting early gives students a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path and makes the transition to secondary school less intimidating. By using games as a focus even the most difficult concepts are no longer barriers but simply a way to a desired result.

Check out some of the games created by our students.

I’ve been learning Scratch for over a year and I’m still learning stuff.

ZiemowitYear 7 Student

You’ve impressed a lot of kids and also a lot of teachers and a lot of my facilitators.
Junior Game Creators is BIG on passion, BIG on doing things right and
BIG on making it practical and above all else FUN.

Keith WarrenThe Big Picture - CEO

It’s absolutely brilliant, I look forward to it.

OliverYear 7 Student

Many thanks for making our ICT club super special. None of the kids wanted it to end. You have provided a reliable, sustainable and valued club for our school and the feedback has been nothing short of sensational.

Sarah Van ZylHead of ICT

Thoroughly enjoyable and I would do it again.

EtienneYear 7 Student

Junior Game Creators is everything that we want from such an important after school activity.
The kids love it and I know the parents really appreciate how much their children enjoy it.
Looking forward to more next term.

Robert EarreyHead Teacher