Free Online Coding Course. Teach Kids Code the FUN way

  • Our Mission: Teach Kids Code Through Play

    Playing games is fun, learning to code whilst making your own games is genius. Step by step instructions guide learning in a fun way. An online kids academy, perfect for home schooling or extending the classroom.

  • Online Learning That Nurtures Creativity

    Our sessions treat learning to code as an art more than a science. Each fun activity allows you to join in and play the games created, give feedback and share in the creative delight of solving problems.

  • A Host Of Cool Projects All Self Paced

    However your child likes to learn, we’ll help them reach their goals, have fun and provide interesting projects to do at their own pace. From videos to interactive guides and beyond.

  • Updated Regularly With Exciting New Content

    Each week you’ll find an awesome new projects to work on, along with a collection of videos, articles and hints and tips that look at specific techniques and concepts in more detail.

  • Flexible Guided Discovery

    Our Junior Game Creators are encouraged to experiment, be creative and get stuck in. We are always just a call or an email away to lend a helping hand. Register now and we’ll teach your game maker to code.

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My son had a great day he attended the workshop on Monday 20th February, he would love to go again. Thank you.


My son has been on 4 of these now and he loves them. The tutors are really nice and he is now making games at home.


My 9yr old son and his friend did a one day workshop in Guildford and absolutely loved it.


My 8 year old daughter really enjoyed the holiday workshop. It was the first time she had done anything like this.