Amazing Holiday Coding & Videogame Design Workshops For Children Of All Ages

  • Creating Amazing Games To Play At Home

    In our sessions we’ll learn about what makes games like Minecraft, FIFA and Mario Bros. so popular before handing over the creation tools to our budding gamers. Your children will have fun, make friends and create some cool games. They will not even know they are learning valuable skills.

  • Best way to develop a coding mindset

    The best way to learn to code in any language is to have a project you are interested in. Videogames gives kids the desire to problem solve and create their own versions of the games they love.

  • Nurturing Children’s Creativity

    Everyone works towards a common goal, in teams, on challenges that will stretch their creativity in art, design, maths, problem solving, team work and communication.

  • More than just code

    These fun sessions are not just about code. By learning how to create games we aim to boost skills like literacy, numeracy, creativity, leadership, problem solving, teamwork, communication, perseverance and the ability to work together towards a goal. We encourage them to have fun and go off piste and learn by doing.

  • Supporting The New School Curriculum

    Every primary student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. The recent changes in the national curriculum have recognised the need and ability for children to start early. Our workshops supplement the classroom experience with fun and inspirational activities.

  • Structure of the workshops

    Each day has fun games, challenges and problems to solve. Those with more experience are challenged to work on their own projects or fall back on the structured challenges if they prefer. You can attend 1 or more days as you like each day stands on its own.

Our next workshops begin Tuesday 13th February 2017 (London & Bristol) and a week later in Birmingham.

  • What to bring

    All the kids need to bring is a packed lunch and their creative genius!

  • Timings of the Day

    Each workshop starts at 10am and finishes at 3pm with 45 mins for lunch and some group fun exercises away from the screens.

  • What is the Age Range?

    Anyone between 8 and 12 is welcome and will find the projects interesting and engaging. The limit tends to be their imagination and creativity rather than their current coding skills.

My son had a great day he attended the workshop on Monday 20th February, he would love to go again. Thank you.


My son has been on 4 of these now and he loves them. The tutors are really nice and he is now making games at home.


My 9yr old son and his friend did a one day workshop in Guildford and absolutely loved it.


My 8 year old daughter really enjoyed the holiday workshop. It was the first time she had done anything like this.