Why video games are good for learning

Max Brooks on Minecraft and Why Computer Games are Good for Children’s Learning

Over the past few years we have seen breakthroughs in confidence, reading, writing and problem solving all whilst playing and making video games. Computer games can be good for learning. It is all about balance and too much screen time can be just that “too much”. In this article Max Brooks (writer of Waterstones Minecraft: The Island) shares the life lessons that can be taught by playing the popular video game Minecraft.

Have you ever played Minecraft with your children. If not we strongly recommend it. Let them guide you, coach you and work together on project and feel the lessons being taught yourself. It is not often that children get to be the expert and quality time can be had having them take the lead rather than follow your directions. Puck up the courage, grab a controller and give it a go, you’ll be amazed by the lessons computer games can provide in a fun way.

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