Junior Game Creator Video Game Canvas

New Online Game Making Workshops

We hope that all of you are staying safe and as positive as you can be in these difficult and uncertain times. Hopefully, we can give you a break and help give your kids and their friends some fun and stimulating insight into how to begin their journey to make their own video games.
As many of you know Gamewagon has been introducing thousands of kids into the world of coding through Junior Game Creators.
We have discovered there is no better way of building future coders than by tapping into a love of video games and teaching kids how to make their own. Normally delivered through classrooms and holiday clubs we have now created an online version which you can dip in and out of as interest and time allows.
Try Before You Buy!
STEP ONE: Experience and test one of our free live online workshops. If you like what you see and your children enjoy the session then take advantage of our special offer and book more sessions.
STEP TWO: Book into either our novice, intermediate or advanced sessions and use your discount JGC50 to get 50% off each session.
Visit Online Booking Page to learn more.
Suitable for ages 7-11.
Daily and Weekly Sessions are scheduled to maximise flexibility. Each session stands alone so you do not have to commit to attending every session. Just pick and choose as you are able.
Stay safe, stay positive and be there for each other.