JGC Level UP – Platformer

Step 1: The Base Game

Follow along with the video to create a basic but complete platformer game with multiple levels and deadly obstacles.

We will begin by creating a simple platformer game in the style of Super Mario Bros. with gaps to jump and deadly obstacles to avoid. Have a go at playing the finished product on the right to get an idea of what we’re aiming (click Play game! not TRY NOW) for then hit the big button to launch Construct 3 in a new tab.

Follow along with video, pausing and rewinding when needed. Don’t worry yet about what your game looks like. There’ll be time later to redesign your characters and worlds.

Top Tips

  • Zoom and Pan

    Hold ctrl and scroll your mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out of the layout. Hold spacebar and move your mouse to pan around the layout.

  • Saving

    To save to this computer only click Menu, select Project, then Save as, and click Save to local browser. If you’d like to download a copy to transfer elsewhere click Download a copy

  • Toolbars

    We only really need three toolbars for this projectProperties, Project and Layers. If you accidentally close a bar, don’t panic. Go to Menu, select View, then Bars and click on the bar you need. You can then drag the bar in to place on the left or right-hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Adding Enemies

Building on from Step 1, follow along with this video to add moving enemies that can kill and be killed.

Spikes are cool but moving enemies are cooler. And they can fight back! In this step we will introduce a very basic enemy A.I. and some code to check where the player is in relation to the enemies. This will allow us to create two outcomes from a collision with the enemy; kill the player if we touch an enemy from the bottom or side or kill the enemy if we jump on its head. If your enemies aren’t behaving properly, be sure to check the Top Tips section below.

Top Tips

  • Buggy Enemies

    If your enemies are dissappearing or just sliding off screen, make sure they’re not overlapping the walls in your layout. If you can’t see a gap between the enemy and an enemy wall, they will just pass straight through when the game starts.

  • Enemy Hopping

    Because bouncing off an enemy gives the player a little boost up, try making jumps that can only be crossed by bouncing off and enemy’s head. For an even greater challenge make the player bounce on multiple enemies to reach the next platform.