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Save kids careers from becoming automated – learn code

Learn code to automate or be automated

Growing up when I was not playing every sport under the sun, I was typing code from magazines to create games. It set the foundation for a great career and today I’m looking to give every child the chance to learn code to be a digital leader of the future.

Kids are good users of tech but few are exposed to creating it.

14m Jobs could be lost to automation

The BBC recently covered a study that if the UK education system does not give kids the right digital skills then they risk losing future careers to automation.

That is why we have developed after school clubs, holiday camps and kids parties based around creating video games not just playing them. Junior Game Creators uses fun game based learning to teach kids the hard hard and soft skills required to create technology. Just don’t tell the kids it’s educational!

Inspiring Digital Creativity to secure our kids futures.

Here’s where you can help! Could you spare a few moments of your busy days to help with our rather special mission?

You may have seen our short video pitching to allow us to pitch to Richard Branson? Video on Voom 2016

Some of you have have already kindly voted, and if you haven’t yet, PLEASE can you take a few seconds to vote we need to be in the top 80 to make it to the next stage.

There are 4 simple steps that will take no more than half a minute;

  1. Click here to visit our project page on #Voom16.
  2. Click on the button above the video “Vote for Project” or just “Vote” on a mobile device.
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Those 30 secs will help bring these fantastic skill enhancing experiences to boys and girls that may not have the resources to access such activities themselves.

Thanks in advance