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Virtual Animation Workshops

The sprites have been coded and the story has been told, now it’s time to take your game visually to the next level. Gaming and graphics go hand in hand and for this 12 week course we will be exploring how to make your game characters and levels come alive. The latin word ‘animare’ means – to breathe life into and this is precisely what we are going to help with.

Starting with the basics, pupils will adopt new skills and animation techniques along the way that will improve the overall visual production of your games both old and new.

By adding animation to your characters, objects, collisions, introduction scenes, etc you will learn to give your games that finishing touch to keep the audience interested and playing until the end.

To supplement our Coding club workshops this course will be taught using the free game engine known as Scratch and the free webinar program called Zoom.

Each hourly workshop will be split into sections that will teach different skills and methods. The host will give a live demonstration of these methods and then task the group to work through the correct section of the step-by-step guide which is provided by us. Pupils will also be given access to our predesigned animation projects that can be used with the step-by-step guides.

Make your games truly stand apart from the rest in epic fashion and join us today.

Please see below for our Spring Term Animation workshops.

Weekly animation workshops will be held on:

Mondays – 16:00 – 17:00

Event Venue Date
JGC Virtual After School Animation workshops - Summer term 2021 - Mondays - 19th April-12th July Online Workshop
  • April 26, 2021 4:00 pm
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